Past Menus


july 2019

tomato salad with ruby streak mustards and sweet onion sesame vinaigrette

ippai corn (!) topped with kewpie mayo, fried shallots, scallions, bonito, nori and togarashi

temaki zushi (build your own hand rolls) with hamachi, seared albacore, bay shrimp and all the fixings

ice cold watermelon

JUNE 2019

hamachi sashimi with strawberries, mizuna and fried garlic

hiyayakko // cold tofu with ginger, cucumber, bonito and yuzu kosho ponzu dressing

hiyashi somen //bowl of icy noodles served with dipping sauce and vegetable fixings

chelan cherries from viridian farm

may 2019

japanese sando pop up!

yakisoba pan // umi organic noodles fried with cabbage, carrots and onions

saba sando // broiled saba mackeral with pickled radish and sesame ponzu slaw

katsu sando
// breaded and fried pork cutlet with shredded cabbage and katsu sauce

ichigo-cream sando // strawberries and whipped cream with strawberry-umeboshi jam (!)

onigiri and salads!

“kari kari” ume onigiri // umeboshi and purple shiso rice ball

japanese potato salad // you know the fixings

mizuna green salad // with roasted turnips, fried shallots and creamy wasabi sesame dressing

april 2019

buta no kakuni night

miso soup with onion, potato and enoki mushroom

mizuna salad with roasted hakurei turnips, radish, crispy garlic and wasabi ginger vinaigrette

steamed rice with pickled turnip greens furikake

buta no kakuni // sweet and salty braised pork belly with bok choy, daikon and egg

march 2019

ojiya night

sake steamed manila clams with lots of ginger

radishes, carrots, kalettes and greens with a garlic yuzu kosho vinaigrette

ojiya // rice porridge simmered in broth with salmon, daikon, wakame, shimeji mushrooms, scallions, egg and umeboshi

kasutera cake

january 2019

Osechi Night

ozoni soup with fresh mochi and mitsuba
Kuromame // bachan’s simmered black soy beans
datemaki //rolled egg omelet
kuri kinton // sweet potato with chestnut
smoked salmon osuzushi
tamago with roe
Kinpira renkon
kombu maki // salmon stuffed kelp roll
namasu //pickled daikon and carrot
ebi no umani // sake steamed shrimp
milk jelly with yuzu marmalade

december 2018

curry night

kenchinjiru // buddhist monk soup with root vegetables and jorinjo miso

kabocha korroke // deep fried kabocha squash croquettes

mizuna and purple daikon salad with shiso and ponzu dressing

japanese veggie curry with ippai pickles and 6 min egg

november 2018

oden night

kinoko gohan with savory mushroom pilaf

kinpira gobo

persimmon and cabbage salad with creamy sesame vinaigrette

oden // stewed root vegetables with fish cakes, potatoes, 8 min egg, tsukune and boy choy

October 2018


ippai corn with kewpie mayo, bonito, nori, togarashi, fried shallots and scallions

mashed kabocha squash salad with raisins, bacon, mizuna and cucumber

temaki zushi with seared albacore, bay shrimp salad, hamachi and all the "build your own" hand roll fixins!

mushi pan with pear compote

JULY 2018


heirloom tomato salad with mustards, soy, sesame and fried shallots

salt, shiso and kombu pickled cucumbers

nasu agebitashi // eggplant fried and marinated in a cold seasoned dashi 

hiyashi somen // chilled noodles served on ice with seasonal veggies and dipping sauce

icy watermelon

June 2018


hiyayakko // Chilled tofu salad with tomato, shiso, ginger and yuzu kosho ponzu

Hamachi sashimi with strawberries, spring onion and persian cucumber

smoked salmon cream cheese onigiri with toasted nori and wasabi furikake

Japanese potato salad with salty cucumber, carrot and apple

Saba mackerel sandwich// japanese shokupan, with ume shiso mayo and cabbage and radish slaw

bowl of chelan cherries

march 2018

tournant oyster social special menu

kenchinjiru...soup of the buddhist monks (!) with jorinjo miso, root vegetables, ota tofu finished with yuzu ichimi

Hamachi sashimi... with green apple, mizuna and wasabi miso dressing 

Sake steamed manila clams... with shimeji mushrooms, watercress, and miso butter served with a mini onigiri “dipper” 

Shredded cabbage salad... with purple daikon, sweet onion, black sesame, nori and creamy sesame ginger dressing 

Saba shioyaki...salted and broiled mackerel served with daikon, grapefruit, kaiware and citrus ponzu 

Kabocha chawanmushi….steamed egg custard with kabocha pumpkin, bay shrimp and shiitake mushroom

Onigiri  …”oyako” rice ball filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, nira and roe 

              ... “double sour” rice ball filled with ume and shiso topped with ume mayo 

Ippai pickles 

---Warm butter mochi cake with asian pear compote and soft whip 



tonjiru- pork and vegetable soup

cabbage salad with creamy ginger sesame dressing

kinpira kinoko- spicy and sweet marinated enoki, maitake and shimeji mushrooms with shiso and nori  

steamed rice with ippai pickles

buta no kakuni- sweet and salty braised pork belly with boy choy, carrot and egg

JAnuary 2018


Ozoni soup with fresh mochi

Kuromame- Grandma's slow-simmered sweet and savory black soybeans

Namasu- pickled daikon and carrot salad

Kuri kinton- Japanese mashed sweet potato with candied chestnuts

Ebi no umani- sake and soy poached shrimp

Onishime- slow stewed vegetables with lotus root, carrot and konnyaku

Konbu maki-kelp wrapped salmon simmered in dashi and soy 

Tamago with Ikura

Smoked salmon osuzushi

December 2017


Sweet potato salad with mizuna, black radish and ginger sesame dressing

saba shioyaki with grated daikon and ponzu

vegetable shirae with carrrot, spinach, hijiki and persimmon

buckwheat soba noodles with tenkasu, egg, and poached shrimp



mizuna, apple and sweet onion salad and wasabi dressing

mashed kabocha pumpkin salad with cucumber and raisins

kenchinjiru miso soup

kinoko gohan with shiitake, maitake and enoki mushrooms

niku jaga// thin slices of beef stewed with potatoes, carrots, bok choy and shirataki noodles (GF)

"molocoe" kabocha cake

october 2017


japanese veggie curry with 6min egg and ippai pickles

shredded cabbage salad with creamy sesame miso dressing

butter mochi cake

september 2017


mini ippai corn with kewpie mayo, bonito, nori, scallion and fried shallots

ohitashi-cold dashi marinated greens 

saba nanbanzuke-fried and pickled mackeral

 sake steamed clams

soy buttered shimeji and eggplant

salt pickled napa cabbage

broiled garlic miso shirmp skewers

gohan with ippai furikake and pickles

plums with yuzu honey


august 2017


garlic butter edamame

chilled tofu and tomato salad with red mustard greens and ginger sesame dressing

kinpira gobo

temaki zushi with hamachi, seared albacore, bay shrimp salad, and build your own fixings

farmer's cantalope



July 2017


heirloom tomato salad with mizuna and sweet onion dressing

miso butter charred padrons

ippai corn on the cob with kewpie mayo, bonito, scallions, nori, fried shallots and togarashi

hiyashi somen-chilled noodle served on ice with dipping sauce and assorted veggies

cold hermiston watermelon



June 2017



summer veggies with shoyu mayo

kinpira gobo

japanese potato salad with cucumbers and apple

japanese hambagu* (no bun, think meatball!) with grated daikon, shiso and ponzu

rice and pickles

fresh farm strawberries

MAY 2017


Sakura tea- salted and pickled sakura blossoms

Otsumai -yukari pickled yamaimo, soft egg with yuzu ichimi, smoked bonito and kombu,takenoko no kinomeae

Hamachi sashimi with mizuna and wasabi miso dressing

Clear soup Tororo kombu with fu

Rice with sesame and sansho pepper furikake

Ichigo daifuku- Strawberry, red bean and soft mochi

MARCH 2017 



February 2017

oden night

Kale Gomae with tofu sesame sauce

Daigaku Imo -sweet and savory candied japanese sweet potato with black sesame seed

Gohan -haiga rice with ippai furikake and pickles

Oden- Simmered potatoes, daikon, mochi, aburaage tofu, assorted fish cakes, 8 min egg, konnyaku, and baby octopus in a seasoned dashi broth served with japanese mustard



Ozoni soup with fresh mochi

Kuromame- slow-simmered sweet and savory black soybeans

Namasu- pickled daikon and carrot salad

Kuri kinton- Japanese mashed sweet potato with candied chestnuts

Ebi no umani- sake and soy steamed shrimp

Onishime- slow stewed vegetables with lotus root, carrot and konnyaku

Konbu maki-kelp wrapped salmon simmered in dashi and soy

Smoked salmon osuzushi




ippai pickles

miso garlic edamame

kinpira gobo

sake steamed clams

japanese potato salad

bacon wrapped mochi

teriyaki chicken wings

miso-yaki onigiri

and sake!



Kinoko gohan with shaved matsutake mushrooms

Simmered and marinated kabocha with red mizuna mustards

Sake steamed clams with garlic, ginger and scallions

Udon with bok choy, enoki, kaiware, Ota aburaage and soft egg

Yuzu macerated persimmon with soft whip cream


october 2016


Miso soup with daikon, shimeji and soft tofu

Sauteed brussel sprouts in a thickened butter soy sauce

Shredded cabbage salad with creamy sesame dressing and ippai furikake

Japanese beef curry rice with ippai pickles and 6 min egg


September 2016


Broccoli with lemon shoyu mayo

Corn on the cob with kewpie, bonito, nori, negi and fried shallots

Hiyashi chuka ramen with summer veggies, 6 min egg and marinated chicken

Butter mochi cake with whipped cream and Asian pear



August 2016


Otsukemono-assorted pickles

kinpira gobo-spicy burdock and carrot salad

wakame and greens with sesame vinaigrette

miso buttered and charred shishito peppers

temaki zushi with hamachi, seared orgeon albacore, bay shrimp salad and veggies 

July 2016

Somen night!

farm tomato salad with mizuna and sweet onion dressing

agebitashi eggplant marinated in a cold seasoned dashi

albacore tataki with corn, tomato, shiso and ponzu mayo

somen noodles on ice with assorted veggies and dipping sauce

icy cold watermelon

June 2016 

Picnic Night!

fresh veggies with sesame tofu and mustard mayo dip

corn with kewpie, nori, katsuobushi, fried shallots and scallions

japanese potato salad with cucumber pickles and fuji apple

pork katsusando on shokupan with cabbage and katsu sauce

matcha/strawberry solstice pops

May 2016

Ramen night!
 ft Umi organic noodles

miso garlic edamame

ippai pickle plate

tofu salad with sesame vinaigrette

pork miso ramen with pork belly, egg, bok choy and wakame

vegan miso ramen with marinated tofu, enoki mushrooms, bok choy and wakame

April 2016

HFM night!

cabbage salad with nori, sea salt and sesame

miso soup with tofu and greens

japanese veggie curry with 6 min egg and ippai pickles

chirashi Veggie bowl with kinpira gobo, turnip green gomae, mizuna salad with miso mustard dressing and ippai pickles